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People should LOVE a person who never says anything but flowers, candy canes, and rainbows. I mean we’ve tried it before, to keep from saying ANYTHING that could possibly be misconstrued as negative towards these people, but they still appear to hate our guts, what gives?

I think the world is broken maybe, naaaaaah

The truth of the matter is; best friends, life-long friends, brothers, and sisters alike make fun of each other all the time, they call each other “crazy”, “HAHA stupid!”, and the classic “YOU SLUT!!!”….all in good humor of course. It adds humanity to a conversation, it makes it less like a constipated stuffy professional interview. continue reading…

Sat down the other day and wrote something, and this is just the way it kind of came out…I was trying to think of the feminine and masculine in life, what love and beauty is itself and how the masculine handles it. Wrote some poetry about it, cause that’s what I do. Now…this is nowhere near a masculine poem that I posted below mainly because it’s describing beauty, but that’s ok…I’m comfortable with my sexuality. After it I’ll go a bit deeper into the dynamics between men and women, how they should deal with each other in a long-term relationship and why. I like writting poetry and lyrics BTW if you didn’t know that about me already, it helps me to clear my head and get closer to the truth of a matter.

Beauty: by Aaron Neal

She is like the dawn
A sun slowly rising amongst the clouds
Flecking her beauty over the dew covered ground
From her, another day has begun

continue reading…

What’s up guys?

I want to ask you a question; what makes someone attractive as a guy and socially powerful? I’ve been asking myself this question for some time now so I can…frankly…have a lot of women find me sexy, and make other men respect me more.

I’ve now found out a few things from watching some people I wanted to be like in life, changing out in the real world as well as through study. Now I want to share them with an audience.

If you didn’t already know this about me, I work at a nursery….no not like a child daycare nursery, but a selling plants and hard physical labor nursery. I have done this for five years now.

I work with plants. I dig them, plant them, carry them, and sometimes load them on trucks, I am also the crew leader with about 7 people right under me at any given time. I’m just saying this to give you reference as to why you might want to listen to me on this topic. continue reading…